Visit Padova

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Fiera di Padova is located in the heart of an area characterized by an offer of
wide and qualified receptivity. Within about 2
kilometers from the Fair, over 1000 rooms are available in high-level accommodation facilities, over 300 rooms available in the two
modern four-star hotels in the immediate vicinity. An alternative to the hotels in the exhibition area is represented by the accommodation facilities in the city center, which is about a kilometer away.


A walk that starts from Caffè Pedrocchithe Café without doors, one of the symbols of our city, emblem of its love for beauty and goodness and its cosmopolitan spirit.

A tour that leads you to admire the Town Hall building, the result of a centenary evolution with the medieval tower next to the Byzantine capitals, the courtyard and Renaissance stairways near the nineteenth-century additions and the 1920s / 30s façade.

We will then stop to tell you the story of the Bo, the building of the famous Padua university founded in 1222 among the first in Europe, an institution that has greatly contributed to shaping the identity of the current city. We will enter the University's Ancient Courtyard with the Aula Magna where he taught Galileo Galilei, the heraldic coats of arms of students and professors witnesses of past centuries and the statue of Elena Cornaro, first female graduate in the world.

After having also stopped in the Cortile Nuovo del Bo, with evidence of more recent history, we will head towards le piazze of the traditional market. Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza della Frutta, lively, colorful and noisy, crossroads of city life from the distant Middle Ages, are dominated by the bulk of the grandiose Palazzo della Ragione, an ancient court and architectural jewel of the 14th century in Padua which houses the largest frescoed astrological cycle of the world.

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